Lance is based on customers’ demand of machine tool with good performance, timely service and reasonable price. The investment of USD40 million was made IN 2006 in the land area of 20,000 square meters in East district, Taiwan. We have grown so fast during last decade more than 10 times.  It mainly serves precision machining industry, and is engaged in professional development, manufacturing and production of high-speed vertical machining center. Since its establishment, Lance has aimed at meeting customers’ stringent requirements for parts in the development of products. Lance has the pursuit of perfection in accuracy, machining speed, cost performance, surface smoothness, surface roughness and smoothness. It can absolutely satisfy customer.

Our Main Customers are from USA, Canada, South Africa and China. We normally sell 5000 Machine Per year in different countries. High level of Reliability and Productivity are important factors which help us to grow fast in fewer 15 years.